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Spend Less Time Calling and More Time Closing

Built to get you more B2B leads at a lower cost-per-lead, we help you secure quality meetings.

Reach Qualified Prospects

Connect with your ideal prospect through targeted campaigns.

Get More Sales Meetings

Warm leads delivered right to your inbox.

Close More Business

Sales outreach campaigns that win more deals.

Leverage Intelligent Data

We access globally compliant B2B data, with verified emails and direct dial phone numbers. We find your ideal customer using data and deep insights from 300M+ people and 14M+ companies. Our AI builds, cleans, and verifies leads in real time.

Our hyper-targeting research uses specific criteria to find your ideal contacts. These may include technologies used, staff changes, skills, funding, expansions, new hires, ad spend, social media profiles, background and more.

Reach 60,000 Prospects a Month

We send up to 60,000 emails per month with 100% CAN-SPAM (US Anti-Spam Law) compliance and high deliverability. We assume all the risk. Never worry about getting blacklisted.

More importantly, we reach your target audience with one-to-one messages that drive action, build your pipeline and get responses. In short, our campaigns are built to get you more B2B leads at a lower cost-per-lead.

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We kick things off with a deep dive into your company to understand your business, mission, culture and goals. Most importantly, we learn what’s unique about your offering, value proposition and who you’re targeting (your ideal customer profile).

We also deliver a thorough game plan complete with a timeline for executing your campaign.


List Building and Data Validation

We use the most reliable resources to find and build a list that fits your ideal customer profile. Data is sourced by us so we can identify and immediately act on opportunities from new verticals and departments to personas and more.

All lists are validated in order to achieve super-high deliverability and open rates.


Campaign Setup

We setup your campaign on our platform and take care of all the essential technology components, including domain purchase and warm up, email deliverability setup, anti-spam measures, data importing, CRM integration and tracking.

We set up your domain properly for sending emails to ensure the highest delivery rate possible.


Campaign Messaging

The heart of your campaign is writing compelling emails that deliver results. Our approach entails using personalization to craft messages unique to each prospect. Messages with powerful emotional connections to inspire your ideal prospects to action.

We also write messaging to align with email quality, making sure it doesn’t get flagged as spam. In fact, our AI-based email quality check service helps ensure the messages we write have a higher chance of reaching your prospect and getting a response.


Launch, Measure & Improve

Your campaign is launched with an immediate A/B testing format. Over the first couple of weeks, we monitor what’s working and not working. Based on the data, we modify the campaign to continuously improve. Concurrently we track all aspects and provide insights on what’s engaging prospects, along with measurement data (i.e. open rates, deliverability, etc.)

Finally, we collaborate directly with your sales team and deliver warm leads directly to your inbox, so you can do what you do best – close the deal.


Wingsite Displays Closes $60K Deal with a 1600% ROI

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We Help You Secure Quality Sales Meetings. Spend Less Time Calling and More Time Closing.  

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