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Search Engine Optimization

SEO That Drives Growth

We’ll get your business ranked on Google for customers already searching for our product or service.

Get more customers from organic and local search with an effective, long-term competitive advantage.

Work directly with a top SEO expert, not a junior-level account manager or general agency.

Save time, money, and headaches by fixing your biggest problems and working on realistic opportunities that will make a difference.

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SEO Services

SEO Audits, Research & Planning

We leverage modern marketing technology to analyze competitive and keyword data, identify market gaps, and prioritize tactics to rank for target search terms. From here, we provide a comprehensive SEO go-to-market strategy.

Technical SEO

If your website fails to appear on Google or remains hidden from view, your valuable content and business information will go unnoticed. Through technical SEO, we guarantee that factors such as page speed, sitemap crawling, and site security won’t hinder your chances of securing a top-ranking position on the first page. Moreover, we’ll prioritize aspects that search engines prioritize, such as implementing a robust link building strategy, even if they may not directly impact the experience of individual searchers.

SEO Content

By consistently optimizing your content for search engines, you can address the inquiries of your desired audience, establish your brand as an authoritative source, and demonstrate to Google that your website is dynamic and valuable to searchers. To maintain a fresh and pertinent content strategy in response to the evolving search landscape, we will develop a content plan every 90 days, ensuring that your website stays current and relevant.

National SEO

Achieve nationwide prominence by targeting relevant keywords. Diversify your clientele and broaden your reach. Establish your brand identity and increase brand awareness. Establish a strong presence across the country through national SEO strategies. Expand your customer base and compete with prominent national brands to secure top positions in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Local SEO

Boost visibility in “near me” searches. Secure a spot in Google’s map pack. Connect with local customers. Local SEO is crucial for businesses catering to specific geographic locations. Whether you target customers in your local area or expand your presence to other cities or states, local SEO guarantees that individuals seeking assistance “near me” discover your business

SEO-Focused Web Design

Deliver an enjoyable user experience. Craft your website with precision from the start. Assist searchers in finding their desired information. Effective web design encompasses more than just an eye-catching appearance; it focuses on creating a rewarding user experience. With SEO-driven web design, every visitor to your web pages will discover the precise answer, service, or product they sought, ensuring their satisfaction.

Off-Site SEO & Link Building

We leverage safe, scalable link building tactics to build your authority and rank you higher in the SERPs.

Rank Tracking & Analytics

It is crucial to measure and track progress to bring about meaningful change. Our team doesn’t settle until we can provide concrete evidence of the effectiveness of our approach. Through regular SEO analysis and tracking, we have the opportunity to make necessary adjustments to enhance the success of your business. With the aid of SEO analysis and tracking, you can have confidence in achieving the highest possible ROI.

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Kieffer Consulting is the best in the business! With their tried and true methods of search engine optimization, our customers have consistently seen improvement in Google ranking and a rise in hits to their websites. Jim is fantastic to work with, and we would recommend Kieffer every time!

Jay van AchterbergFounder and President, Solution Innovators