Strategy Informed by Research & Data

Strategy & Marketing Research

We help B2B brands and healthcare organizations achieve better results and ROI with the right strategy, informed by market research, competitive analysis and data.

Strategy & Marketing Research Services

Brand Audit

Conducted with key stakeholders present, the audit functions as a way to reset and evaluate current initiatives. Our process draws upon intelligence, yet identifies opportunities and barriers, especially in the digital space where customer experience gets lost.

Market Analysis

We analyze your position and get you ahead of the competition in a current or new market. Moreover, we help you determine “total available market” metrics, create ROI projections and define market segments.

Competitor Analysis

We deliver market intelligence via analysis of market activity and data to guide strategic direction. We analyze your competitors to help you understand how to increase your website traffic and improve performance across all digital channels.

Advertising Strategy

We’ll analyze your competitors’ ad strategies including keywords, paid ads and display ads. See how much different advertisers in your niche are spending now as well as common keywords, ad trends and advertising behavior.

Go-To-Market Strategy

We’ll collaborate with you and your team to build out your marketing strategy as it relates to both inbound and outbound marketing, content development, tech-stack needs and planning as well as timelines, SMART goals and budget allocation.

Data & Analytics

We’ll help you understand how to track overall brand sentiment and measure performance across all marketing channels in order to easily understand the data and how it can inform decisions related to marketing, advertising and sales enablement.

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Jim has a strong and experienced grasp on interactive and knows how to run an efficient digital operation. Jim possesses a strong logistical core yet can still deliver persuasive dialogue and engage heavily with his clients. At the heart of it all is Jim's unique sense of business style and his ability to find compromise within the chaos and against all odds.

Gary Druckenmiller, Senior Vice-President, Strategy & InnovationHealthgrades

Jim’s creativity and knowledge of brand building is evident in his work. Through graphics and web-based media, he’s helped my company to present a more powerful image and to better communicate our value proposition.

Dennis Nash, CEOControl Station