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Why Healthcare Organizations Should Invest in Inbound Marketing

Have you made inbound marketing a part of your healthcare marketing strategy yet?

If not, you could be missing out on valuable traffic and leads.

The very core of inbound marketing is providing a helpful, human approach to marketing strategies. That value-added approach is a perfect match for the healthcare field.

Inbound marketing can help increase traffic to your website, which can turn into new patients and increased appointment bookings. That increases your revenue and helps you satisfy your goals for growth.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of inbound marketing for healthcare organizations.

People Are Searching Health Topics

Inbound marketing involves creating content meant to attract your target audience. In healthcare organizations, your target audience is the patients you serve. You put the content out there for those patients to find.

This is a perfect match for the healthcare industry since people often turn to the internet for answers to health questions. Research shows that 93 million Americans have done online searches for health issues.

Jumping into inbound marketing puts you in the middle of all that searching. You already have an audience waiting. The more content you create on relevant topics, the more traffic you can get from those people who are already searching.

The Right People Find You

Inbound marketing narrows down the audience. If someone clicks on a blog post about caring for acne-prone skin, that person is likely a solid lead for a dermatologist. Someone who watches a video about controlling cholesterol could be a potential patient.

You can control who sees online ads to some degree, but inbound marketing is often a more targeted approach.

Having a clear idea of your target audience helps you narrow down your approach, allowing you to create content about typical questions and health concerns your target audience is searching for on Google – in turn improving search-ranking results.

It’s Cost-Effective

Using inbound marketing can save you on your costs. It’s often cheaper to create content for inbound marketing than it is to pay for traditional advertising.

You should already have a website for your organization. The website serves as the platform for sharing your content.

Once you create it, the content lives on your site as long as you want it there. It’s not an ad that only runs for a certain amount of time.

One-time content creation gives you a resource that can generate leads for years. When you pay for advertising, you only generate leads as long as you’re paying. Once your advertising budget is spent, your ads are done.

For healthcare organizations, that lower cost is a better match for often tight marketing budgets.

Inbound marketing may help you get a better return on investment. The effectiveness of inbound marketing can help you convert more visitors into patients.

The lower cost of inbound marketing combined with the effectiveness nets you better results.

You Can Build Trust And Show Expertise

Having an online presence can help create connections and build trust with people before they become patients. One survey showed that 63 percent of people chose a healthcare provider because of their online presence.

When you start showing up in online searches for health topics, people become familiar with your organization. They start to see you as a leader in the field.

Reliable content on various health topics shows that your facility has expertise in those areas. People who are looking for your type of healthcare services gain trust in you.

Trust is vital for healthcare organizations. People want to know their healthcare professionals will give them the best care possible. Healthcare can be expensive, so they want to get their money’s worth, and they want their problems solved.

When you provide them with relevant information that answers their questions, they may turn to you for consultations and appointments. They have that familiarity, connection and trust with you, giving you the edge over another facility that hasn’t built that connection.

It’s More Natural Than Ads

Think about your browsing experiences. Do you pay much attention to the ads you see online, or do you tune them out?

Traditional advertising, either online or in print, is blatant and more assertive. Because they’re so prevalent, many people don’t pay attention to them.

Inbound marketing takes a more natural approach. You’re providing information, either in written form or videos, that people want.

When done right, prospective patients are more likely to click on your blog posts or videos because they provide value.

Moreover, inbound marketing doesn’t feel as pushy as traditional advertising. Potential patients slowly become more trusting and appreciative of your organization.

You’re Always Accessible

When someone has a medical issue, they often need help immediately. They won’t wait until they see an ad to reach out to a healthcare provider.

Likewise, they won’t likely pay attention to an ad for healthcare if they don’t have a current health concern. Your ad for hospital care isn’t relevant to someone who’s currently in good health.

By creating useful content, you’re always available when potential patients need medical information. You don’t leave it up to chance, hoping that someone who needs medical care happens to see your ad at the right time.

It Can Help You Find Employees

Building your online presence through inbound marketing can also help you find qualified employees.

Inbound marketing gives you a chance to share your company culture and ideals. If you’re focused on wellness and prevention, that comes across in your content. If you’re an inclusive organization that makes people from all walks of life feel welcome, you can also express that in your inbound marketing.

People who work in the field may start to notice that your core principles align with their ideals. You can show that you’re a leader in the industry. You can also show off your company culture to ensure potential employees that they’ll enjoy working there.

Improve Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy

A strong healthcare marketing strategy helps you grow your organization. Inbound marketing lets you build relationships with patients before they ever walk through your doors.

Need help with your strategy? Check out our inbound marketing services to start enjoying the benefits without the work.

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