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Why Inbound Marketing Is a Winning Strategy for Your Business

By December 19, 2019June 2nd, 2023Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing
Why Inbound Marketing Is a Winning Strategy for Your Business

In order to promote your brand and attract new leads, you need to learn how to market your business without using heavy sales tactics. Otherwise, you could scare off prospects before they even get the chance to learn about your business.

Instead, let high-quality traffic come to you. With an inbound marketing strategy, you can attract new customers without seeming like a hard-hitter.

Curious about why inbound marketing is so essential for businesses in 2020?

For starters, 54% more leads are generated through inbound tactics than outbound methods. Meanwhile, inbound tactics are also below the average cost per lead compared to outbound tactics.

That’s just the start!

Keep reading to learn more about inbound marketing and the six different ways it can benefit your business!

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Before we start digging into the benefits, let’s answer the question that’s on your mind: What is inbound marketing?

For those of you who are new to digital strategies, it’s important to know that inbound tactics are almost exclusively online. Inbound marketing allows you to ensure your brand is found by online customers. There are numerous tactics you can use, with new ones springing up every day!

For many of these tactics, you’ll need to rely heavily on content.

Content marketing and inbound marketing are often interchangeable phrases. However, content marketing is actually a component of inbound marketing.

One of the reasons why inbound marketing is so popular is its ability to put your unique content to good use. By creating original, helpful content on a regular schedule, you provide people with a reason to come back to your site. Optimizing your content for search engine optimization (SEO) will then ensure people find your content online.

SEO uses keywords to determine what content to display on search engine results pages (SERPs). For example, if someone searches “what do I do if my HVAC is leaking?” a blog post from a local HVAC company might display on Google.

Once people click on your content, they’ll visit your website.

From there, prospects will explore your site, discover your brand, and connect with your company. You can then use strong call-to-action (CTA) language to encourage people to fill out a form or contact you by phone.

Either way, inbound marketing benefits both you and the customers. You get a new lead, while your prospect controls their own buying experience. Once you have the lead, you can convert them into a paying customer.

Why Inbound Marketing Wins

Now that you understand what inbound marketing is, let’s discuss why inbound marketing is so popular among businesses. By adding inbound marketing to your overall marketing strategy, you can attract new prospects and close more sales.

Here are six ways inbound marketing can benefit your business.

1. Increases Brand Awareness & Visibility

We all use the internet for various purposes throughout the day. Since your potential customers spend time online, using inbound marketing is an opportunity to connect with customers where they already are.

Inbound marketing benefits companies both big and small. Whether you want to market your business to locals or consumers across the globe, the internet makes it possible.

To start, you only need to create the content your target audience is already searching for.

In order to produce a strong inbound marketing strategy that increases brand awareness, you need to know your customers. What are they searching for?

Then, share your content on your blog, social media accounts, or other platforms to expand your reach.

2. Improves Brand Trust & Credibility

By creating unique, well-informed content, you can show consumers you know all about your industry. Your experience and expertise will help customers learn to trust you. In time, this brand trust can turn into credibility.

Consumers don’t want you to interrupt their day with sales calls or emails. That’s one of the reasons why inbound marketing works so well.

You can show customers why they should choose you, rather than trying to convince them with a sales pitch.

3. Attracts Quality Traffic & Leads

Inbound marketing strategies such as high-quality blog content can increase readers by 2,000%. Video content, on the other hand, can more than double your existing website traffic.

While our current website content might generate traffic, does it generate the right traffic?

Creating content that’s written for your customers in mind will help ideal prospects find your site. Once they see you’re there to help, you can use a strong CTA or landing page to lead them toward a conversion.

One of the reasons inbound marketing works is that it allows you to target the people you know will become customers. You can create blog posts, infographics, or videos based on your target audience’s needs.

Instead of wasting money marketing to everyone, you can create a precise strategy to attract people who want to find your business.

4. Ad Blockers Are Too Intrusive

Like sales calls, ad blockers can feel annoying and intrusive. Ads are a classic type of outbound marketing that consumers want to avoid. Now that people are using ad blockers, you need another way to reach customers.

Inbound marketing tactics attract people who want to visit your site.

As a result, you’re improving the user experience instead of becoming an internet nuisance.

5. Inbound Marketing Is Cost-Effective

Some outbound strategies can become costly, especially if they don’t generate results.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is cost-effective.

You only have to commit your time to creating high-quality, unique content.

As you turn leads into sales, your ROI will improve as well!

6. It Blends In With User Content

In order to create a positive user experience, you need to blend your marketing materials among other forms of content. Inbound marketing allows you to meet your customers where they already are.

For example, customers won’t feel annoyed if you’re posting beautiful images of your product on social media.

Blending in with user content will help you attract more business.

Why Inbound Marketing is a Winning Strategy for Every Business

Now that you understand why inbound marketing is an inbound strategy, get to it! Start creating high-quality content and connect with your customers online.

Need help with building your inbound strategy? Request a free consultation today!

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