Our case studies demonstrate our ability to deliver results. These case studies represent companies we have worked with over the years. They are intentionally anonymous to protect the competitive advantage and identity of the companies they represent.

Healthcare Case Study

Social Media, PPC, Landing Page Design & Dev., Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Reporting

Increasing Patient Attraction and Appointment Sign Ups

We worked with one of the nation’s largest healthcare providers to launch a Weight Loss Surgery digital marketing campaign. The campaign focused first on creating educational content and sharing of this content across multiple social media channels to help consumers gain awareness and trust.

After a 3-month period, the campaign began running paid advertising. A multi-channel approach leveraging Google PPC and display ads was used, along with social media. Consumers were directed to landing pages to sign up for a free weight-loss information session. Those who were not ready to sign up were offered a free downloadable guide that placed them into a nurturing campaign for future engagement.

Measurable Results:

Increase in Lead Volume
New Sign Ups

 Banking Case Study

PPC, Display Ads, Landing Page Design & Dev., Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Reporting

Driving New Mortgage and Home Equity Sales

How can a regional bank increase online mortgage sales in a very crowded space? That was the challenge, as mortgage rates were at an all time low and competition at an all time high. Not only did we put together and execute on a robust online campaign, we achieved record results in under 3 months. The answer lies in the details.

The strategy involved leveraging PPC and display ads to meet the specific needs of the consumers, matching them with exactly what they needed, at the right time and place. The entire marketing funnel, from ad to conversion, focused on specifics. Consumers looking for a 30-year fixed mortgage, for example, where taken to landing pages specific to 30-year mortgage, complete with the right incentives and relevant information. This in turn, helped increase conversions and the bank achieve a huge ROI.

Measurable Results:

Million in New Sales
Increase in Online Mortgage Sales

Healthcare Case Study

Email Marketing, Social Media, PPC, Landing Page Design & Dev., Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Reporting

Increased Engagement and New Patient Volume

A regional hospital was looking to run a marketing campaign during Heart Health Month specific to reaching women 35-70 with a history of heart disease. Using an integrated approach, we created and optimized paid search campaigns along with email marketing, social media and display ads. To capture demand, we optimized the campaign based on how women search for health-related topics online. We used behavioral targeting and real-time bidding to run display ads and Facebook ads to promote the campaign related to specific geo locations.

Traditionally, many hospitals like to tout their newest technology or push prospective patients to sign up for an appointment. Knowing this would not resonate as strongly with our target audience, we selected to educate women on the lesser-known prevalence of heart disease, providing a free heart health kit with actionable next steps. Those who downloaded the kit were placed into a nurturing campaign for further follow up.

Measurable Results:

Conversion Rate
New Sign Ups

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